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Ohio bigfoot sighting, witness interview, Don Keating, Sasquatch Triangle Internet show, Thursday, March 13, 2008

From Don Keating of EOBIC.com:

Come join Don Keating and his guests tonight on The Sasquatch Triangle Internet show. His guests will be Sonya Horstman from Oberlin, Ohio and Janice Newell from Coshocton, Ohio.
Ms. Horstman claims to have encountered a Bigfoot while much younger and at camp in northeastern Ohio. She also discovered what may be Bigfoot tracks and took photos of them.
Mrs. Newell has never seen a Bigfoot but she has seen what may be Bigfoot tracks and may have actually come to close for comfort on one occasion while driving in rural Coshocton County, Ohio. Janice will relate that encounter as well as other information she may have Bigfoot related.
To listen to the show go to www.eobic.com and click the “Click Here” link. After that, and at precisely 9 p.m. eastern time a Click To Listen Live orange colored button will appear. Click it. If you do not see it click your browsers refresh button near the address line.
I hope you listen in tonight and make it another successful show.
Don Keating, Host

Bigfoot, sasquatch facts and information

Bigfoot sightings have occurred and been recorded for hundreds of  years over many regions of the world.
Sightings in the U.S. don’t just occur in the Pacific Northwest.
They have been sighted over much of the continental U.S.
These creatures, though apparently curious about humans, generally  avoid human contact. However, if their territory is violated,  they can become quite hostile and dangerous. Some people, including  myself, believe that the bigfoot inhabiting the Southeast, are  more hostile, due to the increased infringement by humans on their  habitat.
Males, females, youths and apparent elderly bigfoot have been  identified.
The “classic” male height estimate is 7 1/2 – 8 feet tall, with
 reports as tall as 10 – 14 feet.
The typical weight guess for the 8 foot creature is 350-450 pounds.
They are covered in hair several inches in length ranging in color  from reddish brown to black, with an occasional sighting of white  or grey.
Habitats are typically remote mountainous, state or national wooded  parks or swamp land. They have been spotted outside these areas  crossing roads, farmland, in residential areas and even in  commercial areas.

Bigfoot Sasquatch, research, sightings, report sightings

I am a bigfoot researcher from North Carolina. I had a website years ago that was devoted to providing information on bigfoot and collecting sighting and encounter reports. Due to the responsibilities of family, earning a living and the declining health of my father, I abandoned the website several years ago but never abandoned my interest in bigfoot. I have never personally seen bigfoot, but have talked to those who have and have had encounters. I have spent countless hours studying reports from all over the world and examining photos and other evidence. I have been on some fact finding excursions in the pacific northwest as well as North Carolina where I am based. I believe that bigfoot is real and lives in a large area of the world. My best guess is that there are at least 5000 in North America. There is solid documented evidence of their existence, such as hair samples and footprint castings with unique dermal ridges. Although I am based in North Carolina, sincere reports from any location are welcome. If you are about hoaxes or wasting time with jokes, please don’t waste my time or yours.

If you have had an encounter, or you have a sincere question, I can be reached at: