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Bigfoot, sasquatch, mountain gorilla

Ok, so you are still a skeptic. There is nothing wrong with that. However, have you ever seen a mountain gorilla, except in a photo? Have you ever seen a mountain gorilla skeleton? In real life, not on tv, the internet or a page, far more people have seen bigfoot than the mountain gorilla and for hundreds of years longer.

Still not convinced? Well these famous people with scientific credentials and expertise on primates are. Dr. Jeff Meldrum, of The University of Idaho, Jane Goodall, who has devoted her life to studying primates, and Jimmy Chilcutt, of the Conroe Police Department in Texas, a forensic fingerprint and footprint expert.

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Large black primate discovered

Imagine yourself on an expedition in a remote area, cutting a path through dense vegetation and all the while climbing mountainous terrain. You have heard tales from local inhabitants of a mysterious man like creature. You continue your climb and vegetation becomes more sparse. Moving on you struggle past large boulders. You come to a ridge that drops off sharply into a deep gorge. A small space is found to pitch a tent. A fire is built to combat the bitter cold. You then are startled to see a group of large primates. You take a photo of a large black primate.

Sounds like a bigfoot expedition. No, it is actually an account of the discovery of the mountain gorilla in 1902 by Captain Robert von Beringe. People often ask how a large creature like bigfoot can go undiscovered. This is an example of how. However, bigfoot has been discovered, but not captured. Also, one must realize that bigfoot has an intelligence level much closer to man’s.