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Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Patterson film, Jeff Meldrum

The most famous picture of bigfoot is the famous Patterson film taken at Bluff Creek in California in October 1967. The film has been talked about, commented on and analyzed for many years. Many people have been quick to jump┬áto the conclusion that it was a man in a suit, without doing any work to scientifically analyze the film. I have looked at the film, frame by frame many times and have watched many documentaries about it. With only a cursory examination, and a few facts about human and ape anatomy, it was clear that this was no human in a costume. The muscles show rippling in movement, the gait is not human, the feet can be seen clearly and the face has been analyzed with modern day techniques. This is clearly another primate and not a human or gorrila. Much of the evidence has been in the form of footprints and in many cases they have revealed dermal ridges that are not characteristic of human foot prints. These have been evaluated by forensic experts. Enough of what I know. Dr. Jeff Meldrum of the University of Idaho has been researching bigfoot for many years and has collected many footprints casts and other evidence. He has written a book, “Sasquatch, Legend Meets Science.” In the book he explains the scientific approach he has taken to bigfoot research. Below are 2 links to listen to Dr. Jeff Meldrum being interviewed.



The following is a link to an analysis by Dr. Meldrum of the anatomy of bigfoot feet and locomotion: