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NC has a long history of bigfoot encounters and reports. I have had 3 reported to me in the past year and I have recently learned of more. Even though North Carolina is the tenth most populous state, most of that population is centered in the piedmont along the I 85 corridor. NC is growing, but there are vast expanses of woodland and swamps in the mountains and eastern part of the state. There is an area of NC that I have been examining more closely and I am gathering more information for a possible expedition. It has a long history of encounters and is an ideal bigfoot habitat.

 Will Duncan, in his article “Predictability of Homin Behaviour”, reveals the ideal habitat of NC:        

“In the United States, sasquatches have been reported in every state except Hawaii. It is important that many are reported in Ohio and in North Carolina, two states where I’ve personally looked for them. Ohio has vast populated areas in the north and wooded hills in the south. Both areas get plenty of sightings. This suggests that the sasquatches don’t mind living in proximity to people, and feel confident about avoiding them most of the time. In North Carolina, by contrast, there are huge areas of woods, hills, swamps and mountains, and very few sasquatch reports. I think they are there, but have so much room to easily hide that almost nobody sees them. Any prediction of total sasquatch numbers resumes more knowledge of their nature than we presently have. They seem to be able to live all over the country, often in close proximity to people, and yet remain unproven. Apes would not be capable of this.”

The rest of the article can be viewed here:

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I am a bigfoot researcher from North Carolina. I had a website years ago that was devoted to providing information on bigfoot and collecting sighting and encounter reports. Due to the responsibilities of family, earning a living and the declining health of my father, I abandoned the website several years ago but never abandoned my interest in bigfoot. I have never personally seen bigfoot, but have talked to those who have and have had encounters. I have spent countless hours studying reports from all over the world and examining photos and other evidence. I have been on some fact finding excursions in the pacific northwest as well as North Carolina where I am based. I believe that bigfoot is real and lives in a large area of the world. My best guess is that there are at least 5000 in North America. There is solid documented evidence of their existence, such as hair samples and footprint castings with unique dermal ridges. Although I am based in North Carolina, sincere reports from any location are welcome. If you are about hoaxes or wasting time with jokes, please don’t waste my time or yours.

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