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Bigfoot, sasquatch, Don Keating, EOBIC, Operation Appalachia

Don Keating is a bigfoot researcher based out of Ohio. He has been actively researching, presenting seminars and seeking the elusive creature in it’s habitat for years. I first contacted Don over 5 years ago about a bigfoot encounter in Ohio that was reported to my then existing website. Since then I have been included in bigfoot news and local encounters through the group we are involved in, Operation Appalachia. Operation Appalachia is a joint effort of bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts mainly on the east coast, but also includes others. In 2007, several reports from North Carolina were reported to me to follow up on.

Don has a radio show on the internet and usually has an interesting guest with experience in the field of research. Listeners can call in and ask questions or even report an encounter. For more information on the radio show visit:


Don Keating’s organization is Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center and you can visit it at:


If you think you have had an encounter with bigfoot on the east coast or anywhere, contact Operation Appalachia and a researcher close to you will follow up and respect your privacy: