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Ohio bigfoot sighting, witness interview, Don Keating, Sasquatch Triangle Internet show, Thursday, March 13, 2008

From Don Keating of EOBIC.com:

Come join Don Keating and his guests tonight on The Sasquatch Triangle Internet show. His guests will be Sonya Horstman from Oberlin, Ohio and Janice Newell from Coshocton, Ohio.
Ms. Horstman claims to have encountered a Bigfoot while much younger and at camp in northeastern Ohio. She also discovered what may be Bigfoot tracks and took photos of them.
Mrs. Newell has never seen a Bigfoot but she has seen what may be Bigfoot tracks and may have actually come to close for comfort on one occasion while driving in rural Coshocton County, Ohio. Janice will relate that encounter as well as other information she may have Bigfoot related.
To listen to the show go to www.eobic.com and click the “Click Here” link. After that, and at precisely 9 p.m. eastern time a Click To Listen Live orange colored button will appear. Click it. If you do not see it click your browsers refresh button near the address line.
I hope you listen in tonight and make it another successful show.
Don Keating, Host

Hunttv stealth cam, Hunt TV video of creature, is this bigfoot?

Don Keating, of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot organization just sent me a link to the Hunt TV website. They are not suggesting that the creature that was captured on the stealthcam is bigfoot, they are just puzzled as to what it is. Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think. Is this bigfoot?

Here is the website to view the video:


John Bindernagel, B.S.A., MS, Ph.D, bigfoot sasquatch researcher, Don Keating, The Sasquatch Triangle Show Thursday, March 6 2008

Make sure you catch Don Keating’s bigfoot talk radio show on the internet this Thursday, March 6 2008. The guest is one of the most famous sasquatch researchers, and a scientist, Dr. John Bindernagel. Here is the announcement from Don Keating:
This Thursday’s The Sasquatch Triangle will have one of its most distinguished guests to date. Dr. John Bindernagel will be my guest. Dr. Bindernagles bio may be viewed on his web site at http://www.bigfootbiologist.org/page3.html
    To listen to the show go to www.eobic.com and then click the link to listen to the show live. At precisely 9 p.m. an orange button will appear and you need to click it to listen to the show live.
    Any questions or comments for Dr. Bindernagle may be address to eobic@yahoo.com or asked in the chat room, or phone in your question or comment for Dr. Bindernagle. I hope you can tune in this Thursday March 6th, 2008.
Don Keating

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Bindernagel’s website:
“My field work began in 1975 when our family moved to British Columbia, partly in order for me to begin field work on this species.  
In 1988, my wife and I found several sasquatch tracks in good condition in the mountains not far from our home on Vancouver Island. Plaster casts which we made from these tracks provided the first tangible evidence I encountered for the existence of the sasquatch.”

To learn more about John Bindernagel, click here:


Bigfoot, sasquatch, cryptozoology books from Hancock House Publishers

I just received this information on books available on bigfoot, sasquatch and cryptozoology from Don Keating of the EOBIC organization:

Check out this Special offer:
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Chris Murpy, John Green and Thomas Steenburg’s book, Meet the Sasquatch: Is the most comprehensive Sasquatch Book to Date. Meet the Sasquatch is a milestone in the publication of sasquatch information.

Meet the Sasquatch by Chris Murpy, John Green, Thomas Steenburg
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546 photos, 58 illus.

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Bigfoot, sasquatch, questions, talk radio call in

There is a lot of controversy about the existence of bigfoot. Many people have had encounters and many more have questions or are curious. Don Keating of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center, and a member of Operation Appalachia, has a call in radio show devoted to providing information and answering questions. Also, if you believe you have had an encounter, call in, visit Don’s website, email us or post on this blog. If you are unable to listen to the radio show or cannot get through, just post your question or comment here or email us:

To listen to Don Keating’s radio show


EOBIC website


Email your questions or comments


Sasquatch Triangle Show, Don Keating, bigfoot radio show

This announcement is posted verbatim from Operation Appalachia:


Guests Lined Up For The Sasquatch Triangle Show

    With cold winter evenings here now is the time you should be interested more than ever to listen to The Sasquatch Triangle internet radio show. The following have confirmed they’ll appear on the show with me and when. All shows begin at 9 p.m. eastern time, 6 p.m. pacific time.
January 17th… Paul Rozich
January 24th… Jim Donohoe
 January 31st… Bobbie Short, Ron Schaffner & Diane Stocking
February 7th… M K Davis
February 14th… TBA
February 21st… Bob Gray
For more information visit:

Bigfoot research, how to, participate, learn

Many people are interested or curious about bigfoot. More and more tv shows, documentaries and You Tube videos are devoted to the subject. I first became interested in bigfoot at age 12 after seeing the movie “The Abominable Snowman”, hearing reports from explorers like Sir Edmund Hilary and especially after watching the movie, “The Legend of Boggy Creek” about the Fouke Monster, that was based on a real incident. Even though I was busy raising a family, working and consumed with everyday survival, my interest never waned. The advent of the internet and increasing availability of reports from sources all over the world made researching a lot easier. Of course, at the same time, it has added a lot of cr@# to wade through.

If you are interested in learning more about bigfoot, here are some suggestions:

  • Of course start with the internet and read accounts from different sources. Always look for common sense signs of credibility.
  • Watch documentaries on tv.
  • There are good books out there and my suggestion for the first one is by Dr. Jeff Meldrum of the University of Idaho, “Sasquatch, Legend Meets Science.”
  • Attend a presentation. Don Keating of EOBIC holds them regularly. You can find out more at his site: http://eobic.com
  • Listen on radio or the computer to interviews of experts like Dr. Jeff Meldrum or Don Keating. Here are a few:http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6469070

     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SClOrtpu3ao               http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sasquatchexperience

  • A high percentage of bigfoot sightings or encounters have occurred in forests, national parks, state parks, swamps and on rivers by hunters, fishermen, hikers, campers and work crews. This makes perfect sense. It is when we go into their habitat that they are often seen. People rarely have cameras with them and are caught off guard. So, the next time you are in a natural setting, take a camera. If you are able, keep some plaster of paris with you to make a casting of footprints.
  • Here is the easy one. Strike up a conversation, in person or on the internet. It really is a small world. Years ago I was just north of Mount St Helens in WA state. I stopped at a small store. I struck up a conversation with a local man who had a neighbor that had a bigfoot encounter. Many people have had some experience.
  • Lastly, if you ever have an encounter, use common sense and be careful. I believe the creatures exist. They are large and powerful.
  • Signs to watch and listen for. Teepee like formations of limbs. Branches broken at a higher level than humans would. Banging on trees. Vocalizations resembling some primates. Rocks being thrown (some large) on land and in water. And of course footprints. If you come across large footprints, measure, photograph and cast if possible.