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Don Keating guest on Blog Talk Radio Tuesday, March 18 2008

Please join us this Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 at 9:00 P.M. ET right here at Your hosts are Bob Coyne and Mike Killen. This weeks guest is Don Keating of E.O.B.I.C. Don is a popular and well known individual with 25 years in the Bigfoot community. So come on by and say hello to Don and as usual, the chat room is a lot of fun. Any questions or comments you wish to make to Don, Mike or myself, a call-in number will be provided on the show. Hope to see you all there!
At exactly 9:00 P.M. ET, an orange ‘click to listen’ button will appear on the main page and by clicking on it, it will take you to the chat page and you will be able to hear the show. It would be nice if you already haven’t done so, to register as a listener at If you do not, you can still view the chatroom, listen to the show, but you will be listed as a ‘guest’ and not be able to participate in the chat room.
Bob Coyne
Mike Killen
Bigfoot Quest Show


Hunttv stealth cam, Hunt TV video of creature, is this bigfoot?

Don Keating, of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot organization just sent me a link to the Hunt TV website. They are not suggesting that the creature that was captured on the stealthcam is bigfoot, they are just puzzled as to what it is. Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think. Is this bigfoot?

Here is the website to view the video:

Yeti footprints near Mt Everest, Nepal, Joshua Gates, SciFi Channel, Dr Jeff Meldrum

Joshua Gates of the SciFi Channel show Destination Truth, has discovered what appears to be Yeti footprints in Nepal near Mount Everest. Joshua and his team filmed the excursion to find Yeti and the discovery of the tracks. Plaster casts were made and shown to Dr Jeff Meldrum, a scientist at the University of Idaho and an expert on primates and tracks. The footprints were convincing to Dr Meldrum who has evaluated many footprints of bigfoot, sasquatch and Yeti. The SciFi Channel show Destination Truth was on last night, March 5 2008 and I am sure it will be rerun. The only other  evidence discovered was possible bedding sites.

John Bindernagel, B.S.A., MS, Ph.D, bigfoot sasquatch researcher, Don Keating, The Sasquatch Triangle Show Thursday, March 6 2008

Make sure you catch Don Keating’s bigfoot talk radio show on the internet this Thursday, March 6 2008. The guest is one of the most famous sasquatch researchers, and a scientist, Dr. John Bindernagel. Here is the announcement from Don Keating:
This Thursday’s The Sasquatch Triangle will have one of its most distinguished guests to date. Dr. John Bindernagel will be my guest. Dr. Bindernagles bio may be viewed on his web site at
    To listen to the show go to and then click the link to listen to the show live. At precisely 9 p.m. an orange button will appear and you need to click it to listen to the show live.
    Any questions or comments for Dr. Bindernagle may be address to or asked in the chat room, or phone in your question or comment for Dr. Bindernagle. I hope you can tune in this Thursday March 6th, 2008.
Don Keating

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Bindernagel’s website:
“My field work began in 1975 when our family moved to British Columbia, partly in order for me to begin field work on this species.  
In 1988, my wife and I found several sasquatch tracks in good condition in the mountains not far from our home on Vancouver Island. Plaster casts which we made from these tracks provided the first tangible evidence I encountered for the existence of the sasquatch.”

To learn more about John Bindernagel, click here:

Mars woman photo, object size, Twilight Zone Episode

Many of the people responding with comments and posts on the internet refer to the alleged small size of the human like figure in the photo. I am not quite sure what their point is. If they are referring to allegations that the object is bigfoot, well, again, what is their point? Obviously this is not a figure or statue of bigfoot. It is an interesting human like object.

In regard to the objects’ size, I am reminded of an old Twilight Zone Episode where some astronauts from Earth land on a planet. They start exploring the planet and eventually hear faint noises coming from the ground. At first glance, the small creatures look like ants. Upon closer examination they are tiny human like creatures. After interacting with the creatures, the “tall” humans take advantage of their size differential. This goes on for a while until they look up and see giant humanoids looming over them. Size is indeed relative.

Mars photo, bigfoot or woman on Mars, Washington Post blog

First of all, I would like to thank the Washington Post and the Washington Post Blog for linking to my site. I posted a response on their blog for clarification of my position about a bigfoot in the photo of Mars. I ran across another post on their blog that is one of the more intelligent responses to the photo. Here is an exerpt from the comment. You can read the full post at the Washington Post Blog link below:

“In sharp contrast, the rock now known as the woman on Mars evidences none of these characteristics. It appears instead more like a sculpture or statute than a rock weathered by erosion and other natural forces.

Elements of the rock giving it this characteristic of design are what appears to be a head, shoulders, torso, thigh, and right arm draped across its body.

I suppose it is theoretically possible for a jagged rock to be weathered by natural processes over thousands of years to the point where it randomly takes on five key points of the shape of human anatomy. Possible, but highly unlikely!”

Posted by NYR on January 24, 2008 02:11 PM

To view the complete comment and others go to:

Mars photo, bigfoot, ufo reports, Stephenville Texas

The only reason I am writing this post is because I am tired of the Air Force and US Government insulting honest, sincere citizens. I don’t believe every UFO report I read, just like I don’t believe every bigfoot report I read. I always try to interpret each one objectively, due to the way I was raised as well as my math and science background. I have never been in the right place at the right time to see bigfoot.

My experience with UFO’s is different. As I child I was a trained aerial observer. I had a telescope, which I used to observe the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. I could identify planets, stars. constellations, airplanes, rockets and satellites. I also built many model airplanes. In the winter of 1963 I was walking to a basketball game at night in Greensboro, NC. The terrain approaching the gym provides a panoramic view of the eastern and northeastern sky. I looked east, northeast and saw something that startled me due to it’s surreal impact and immediately ran into the gym. I grabbed the first guy that I saw and pulled him outside. This is what I said to him, verbatim. “What does that look like to you.” He immediately replied, “flying saucers.” A small crowd gathered and we watched them fly in formation in a northerly direction out of view. This is what I saw. 3 distinct disc shaped (classic saucer shapes) objects, flying in formation. They were not blurred, but sharply defined with a soft glow. Before I get any knee jerk response questions, firstly, it was not one object but clearly three. No manmade object that has ever flown has been that large. The reality of what we saw was so vivid I have often remarked it was like being in a science fiction movie. I told very few people then because of the stigma associated with the subject then. Now, I don’t care. You can believe me or not.

So, to the people of Stephenville Texas and the rest of the world, be as objective and scientific as possible and don’t worry about the skeptics. The Air Force has a history of changing their stories and of coverups. I would love to see more honest responses from our government, especially about UFO’s. We are big boys and girls, we can handle it.