Patterson film frame
I am a bigfoot researcher from North Carolina. I had a website years ago that was devoted to providing information on bigfoot and collecting sighting and encounter reports. Due to the responsibilities of family, earning a living and the declining health of my father, I abandoned the website several years ago but never abandoned my interest in bigfoot. I have never personally seen bigfoot, but have talked to those who have and have had encounters. I have spent countless hours studying reports from all over the world and examining photos and other evidence. I have been on some fact finding excursions in the pacific northwest as well as North Carolina where I am based. I believe that bigfoot is real and lives in a large area of the world. My best guess is that there are at least 5000 in North America. There is solid documented evidence of their existence, such as hair samples and footprint castings with unique dermal ridges. Although I am based in North Carolina, sincere reports from any location are welcome. If you are about hoaxes or wasting time with jokes, please don’t waste my time or yours.

If you have had an encounter, or you have a sincere question, I can be reached at:


(Photo above is a frame from the Patterson video)


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  1. Hi Larry… Say you have a great start to what I’m sure will be a wonderful blog site. Keep up the fine work and I’ll get a link to this blog on my site at eobic.com sometime soon. Thanks for the good work and keep in touch.

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