Mars woman photo, object size, Twilight Zone Episode

Many of the people responding with comments and posts on the internet refer to the alleged small size of the human like figure in the photo. I am not quite sure what their point is. If they are referring to allegations that the object is bigfoot, well, again, what is their point? Obviously this is not a figure or statue of bigfoot. It is an interesting human like object.

In regard to the objects’ size, I am reminded of an old Twilight Zone Episode where some astronauts from Earth land on a planet. They start exploring the planet and eventually hear faint noises coming from the ground. At first glance, the small creatures look like ants. Upon closer examination they are tiny human like creatures. After interacting with the creatures, the “tall” humans take advantage of their size differential. This goes on for a while until they look up and see giant humanoids looming over them. Size is indeed relative.


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