Mars photo, bigfoot or woman on Mars, Washington Post blog

First of all, I would like to thank the Washington Post and the Washington Post Blog for linking to my site. I posted a response on their blog for clarification of my position about a bigfoot in the photo of Mars. I ran across another post on their blog that is one of the more intelligent responses to the photo. Here is an exerpt from the comment. You can read the full post at the Washington Post Blog link below:

“In sharp contrast, the rock now known as the woman on Mars evidences none of these characteristics. It appears instead more like a sculpture or statute than a rock weathered by erosion and other natural forces.

Elements of the rock giving it this characteristic of design are what appears to be a head, shoulders, torso, thigh, and right arm draped across its body.

I suppose it is theoretically possible for a jagged rock to be weathered by natural processes over thousands of years to the point where it randomly takes on five key points of the shape of human anatomy. Possible, but highly unlikely!”

Posted by NYR on January 24, 2008 02:11 PM

To view the complete comment and others go to:


One response to “Mars photo, bigfoot or woman on Mars, Washington Post blog

  1. Refering to the woman formation on mars let us not scoff at the possibility that on mars the cold is intense to say the least. Perhaps, if we wish to ponder on the mystery with a creative mind, then it is possible that the woman, if it is s woman, was preserved for millions of years through the passage of time as in a deep freeze. We cannot truly set aside the facts that life had once thrived on mars according to nasa. Come on people, get real, we are not alone in the universe.

    Thank You, Ronald Eck, an american in Norway

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