Mars bigfoot photo, human brain, gestalts

Time to throw some science at you. I had a psychology class many years ago and amazingly I remember something from the class that I have often referred to. The human brain interprets images that arrive as a group of dots or smaller pieces and tends to assemble them as familiar objects. That is why when we look up at clouds, we often are reminded of familiar objects. These are referred to as gestalts, which I believe is a German word for shape. Many photos I have seen of an alleged bigfoot have given me the impression that the viewer has seen a bigfoot which was formed from patterns in the leaves or background. The image in the Mars photo probably falls under this category. Also, we often see what we want to see.  


11 responses to “Mars bigfoot photo, human brain, gestalts

  1. After examining the images that I enhanced with PSP of the “Sasquatch on Mars,” I somewhat can identify a nose maybe?

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  3. Try this – turn your head sidways and look at it. Now what do you see? Almost looks like a the “creature” is now the nose of a big face – in other words – it is very possibly an illusion.
    You can also tell that there is a distinct line through the middle of the picture with two different type of rock and sand. It appears to be either a ridge or one image layed over another.
    My conclusion is that it is an optical illusion.
    But if I’m wrong – We should send a diplomatic party to say hello to him and his friends!

  4. Maybe we should send Britney Spears to speak to this “thing” with her British accent and see if they can’t help each other out. Then, maybe the paparazzi would follow her there, get stuck on Mars, but have lots of fun sending us too many photos of this creature’s every move!

  5. Go Bigfoot!

  6. Thats great…Bigfoot can walk on Mars before us humans. This is truly a sad day for us hominids!

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  8. the video that this picture came from is a huge panoramic picture taken over a three day period. And that “creature” didn’t move at all in three days.
    Pretty sure its a rock.

  9. Nice Photo, can we have another photo of that area from Nasa.
    Life once existed, or exists in Mars (underground).We should be searching for life on Mars on the polar region not in desert.
    Hope Nasa doesnt nuke this similar to Face of Mars.

    The Truth is out There – Age of Revelation (dec 21-2012)

  10. Why didn’t the nasa Spirit rover drive up to the mystery man to check it out? WHY???

  11. Sbike wrote:
    “Why didn’t the nasa Spirit rover drive up to the mystery man to check it out? WHY???”

    The rover was 15 feet from the object. It is a minute rock formation sticking up, and it happens to resemble a human-like shape from that particular vantage point. It is not a living creature.

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