Enigma Project, Mike Frizzell, radio interview

This announcement is posted verbatim from Operation Appalachia:

This Friday night, January 18, 2008 Sean Forker and Eric Altman take you once again Beyond The Edge! We welcome Mike Frizzell, director and co-founder of the Enigma Project. The Enigma Project is a private, Maryland-based, association of scientifically trained and technically oriented individuals who investigate and document claims of unexplained phenomena. The group is celebrating 30 years of studying the unexplained through scientific means.

Mike is co-founder and research director of The Enigma Project, a Maryland-based organization that has investigated and documented claims of unexplained phenomena since 1978. Mr. Frizzell has authored articles on such subjects as North Carolina’s Brown Mountain Lights, Ice Falls, Pennsylvania’s Ringing Rocks, Maryland Bigfoot encounters, and the Beast of Chesapeake Bay. An enthusiast of Charles Fort’s writings, Mike is a past vice-president of the International Fortean Organization (INFO). As a child, his interests in the unexplained were ignited by stories of the Abominable Snowman, the Loch Ness Monster, and The Interrupted Journey–Barney and Betty Hill’s account of UFO abduction. By profession, Mr. Frizzell is an engineering technician with the University of Maryland’s Dept. of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology. He and his family live near Baltimore, MD.

Joins us in welcoming Mike Frizzell this Friday night for what is sure to be an exciting and interesting program with Mike Frizell, director of the Enigma Project, Sean Forker and Eric Altman as we take you Beyond The Edge!

Eric Altman, Jeannette Pennsylvania
Sean Forker, Williamsport Pennsylvania
Co-Host and producer
email us at beyondtheedgeradio@gmail.com
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One response to “Enigma Project, Mike Frizzell, radio interview

  1. I too have been influenced by the same things as Mr Frizzell , but I find that Many people will not accept the possibility that a north american primate still exists.. I know they do..I have seen one ! And I am studying some very interesting evidence in northern Ontario

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