Bigfoot, sasquatch, Almasti, Russian reports

First of all, I am the last person to believe everything he reads. However, I like the puzzle analogy. If you begin assembling a large puzzle with hundreds of small pieces, you don’t have to complete the puzzle to begin seeing a picture. The same is true of bigfoot reports. Bigfoot reports have been recorded for hundreds of years, from many parts of the world and many cultures. Reports in this country have come from all types of people, including police and military personnel. Many reports have come from Russia and the surrounding areas. Some of the more interesting ones relate to the possibility of offspring of humans and bigfoot like creatures often referred to as wild men or hairy men.

I went back to some earlier information that I had saved on the creature referred to as Almasti. Almasti is allegedly a bigfoot like creature of the Caucasus Mountain Region and Marie-Jeanne Koffmann wrote a field investigation paper on the subject that was translated into English. She describes the Almasti as having human like features and great strength. The creatures have dwindled in population due to the incringement of man, although they coexisted for many years and were accepted much like the American Indians accepted and knew of sasquatch.

 One of the more famous cases of a bigfoot type creature with human features is Zana. Zana was captured in the 1880’s in the western Caucausus region of Abkhazia. She was covered in reddish black hair and was incredibly strong. She was kept in captivity and gave birth to several children with a human father. The children were of dark complexion and also very strong. The skull of one of her children was examined and found to have traits of ancient and modern primates.

Here is an interesting site with Russian reports:


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