2007 Bigfoot report, North Carolina

I received a report via Operation Appalachia in April of 2007 of a possible bigfoot encounter in the northeast part of North Carolina on a river in a swampy area. I contacted the gentleman who seemed sincere. Through a series of questions, he related his experience:

I have also been a believer ? skeptic of the bigfoot phenomenon. Have watched shows on the subject over the years. Have always wanted to believe but was also always waiting for 100% proof. I lived in colo for 15 years and spent alot of time camping in the mountains and I am familiar with sounds heard during a overnighter…

 The other night on the river at about 430 am I heard what sounded like someone throwing cinder blocks intermittently into the river . Starting very close to my pontoon boat and over the next few minutes slowly moving away from the boat. My dog usually investigates each and every sound heard during the night , he did not budge during these. I also had the definate feeling as though I was bieng watched during this time…
Strange sounds <, Actually I was awaken at 330 am on the boat by my dog acting fidgety and noticed that there was not a breath of air . I saw the fire had gone out and went to it and got it going again. Had just got it going when I heard a very loud Kaplunkk in the river , It was not a tree falling or a branch or anything like that at all. Actually when it happened the first thing that went through my mind was a older episode on bigfoot and the way he throws things at the people investigating him. The very loud kaplunkks in the river moved slowly downstream as well. I had my camcorder as well , on the boat , I was not moving for hell or high water. Me and some of my co-workers are planning a follow up trip back  to the exact spot in about a week. We were camping about 12 miles upriver from XXXXX , A long where from nowhere in the middle of the swamp……
Sure , you can pass along any of this info you like to Don. I should of searched the area for prints at daylight . I’m 6ft 2 and 230 lbs and and I’m not afraid to say that I was spooked good at 400 am when all this was going on. Spooked but going back for seconds I am , lol. Yea this is a remote part of the river basin to say the least . Not much of anything around but river swamp basin. Between me  and ozzy and a camcorder ,  see what happens. Were you hinting to tag along in your last message?  All of us might need a person there with some field investigation exp….Never plastered a print before , lol
The sounds he heard could have been an animal, although he was an experienced outdoorsman. What makes the story more interesting for me is the location of the report which was in a secluded swampy area, not too far from the Dismal Swamp. The Dismal Swamp is in northeast NC at the Virginia border. A NC legislator, Daniel Barefoot, wrote a book several years ago about the ghosts of NC. However, one of the chapters, about Gates County, which is not far from the area of the recent report, was about a creature captured in the swamp and held in captivity until it died. The creature’s description could fit that of bigfoot. I met Daniel Barefoot at a book signing where I heard him mention the incident.
This report remains open and waiting for further developments. Bigfoot reports have come in from many parts of North Carolina, and the eastern part of the state, that is more sparsely populated and has many forested and swamp areas, is a location where you would expect an encounter.
To be continued.

3 responses to “2007 Bigfoot report, North Carolina

  1. Great report Larry. We on the OA list look forward to additional information regarding your investigations!

  2. Went canoeing on a late Sunday afternoon w/husband (getting dusk on our return) at Windsor nc (where the free canoes are) about oct-nov 2007. Beautiful fall weather warm day. As paddling quietly into swamp, we heard wood knock sounding from swamp and an answer knock back from deeper in swamp (like, “here they come”). Then a short bit later, wolf howl sounds, same deal. Then pretty much quiet but for ducks, woodpecker and heron. also heard an owl.Very secluded, no other people that day, late afternoon. I guess its a big swamp we just touch the edge of there.

  3. Many people will not accept the possibility that a north american primate still exists.. I know they do..I have seen one ! And I am studying some very interesting evidence in northern Ontario

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