Bigfoot Sasquatch, research, sightings, report sightings

I am a bigfoot researcher from North Carolina. I had a website years ago that was devoted to providing information on bigfoot and collecting sighting and encounter reports. Due to the responsibilities of family, earning a living and the declining health of my father, I abandoned the website several years ago but never abandoned my interest in bigfoot. I have never personally seen bigfoot, but have talked to those who have and have had encounters. I have spent countless hours studying reports from all over the world and examining photos and other evidence. I have been on some fact finding excursions in the pacific northwest as well as North Carolina where I am based. I believe that bigfoot is real and lives in a large area of the world. My best guess is that there are at least 5000 in North America. There is solid documented evidence of their existence, such as hair samples and footprint castings with unique dermal ridges. Although I am based in North Carolina, sincere reports from any location are welcome. If you are about hoaxes or wasting time with jokes, please don’t waste my time or yours.

If you have had an encounter, or you have a sincere question, I can be reached at:


7 responses to “Bigfoot Sasquatch, research, sightings, report sightings

  1. hey researcher you have a great new blog about sasquatch. thanks bill green 🙂

  2. Dear Mr. Green, I recently have become interested in bigfoot, and have a couple of questions regarding this mysterious creature. Has anyone ever seen a bigfoot on the appalachian trail? And do they migrate? Also do you know of any websites or organizations in Rhode Island/New England that has free membership? My wife says I’ve become obsessed with bigfoot, If I started dishing out money to belong to a group to find a monkey in the woods I’m sure she would freak out. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

  3. bigfootsasquatch

    I just had an alleged bigfoot sighting reported to me south of Asheville NC near the Appalachian Trail. There is a long history of sightings in the NC mountains going back hundreds of years and in indian legends. For a New England researcher, try contacting the closest person on
    the Operation Appalachia site:

  4. This is Tyler I am 14 years old. I have been getting interested in bigfoot. I have watched shows about bigfoot on tv. And they are good. But the the pictures
    of bigfoot are allways blury. Why do you think this is?

  5. bigfootsasquatch

    They are not all blurry.
    Most people encountering these creatures are caught off guard and overcome with emotion.
    I magine coming across an 8 foot creature and trying to remain calm.

  6. just wondering if big foot has been seen in eastern north carolina im originaly from south florida where i grew hearing of the skunk ape but now livivng in eastern n.c. you dont hear of bigfoot or anything else

  7. did u recall of the drexel cops sighted bigfoot in drexel,nc.1980’s,and the wilson creek print,and the same area sighting.I do believe in these creatures,i think they migrate like other animals,i think they follow the waterways,but stay on the ridges not to be seen.Cross when clear of humans.I would like to see one ,but wouldnt hurt one,even though i hunt a little bit.I think if we followed the rivers,like catawba and jhons river,we would find some footprints in the winter months,i would like to do this with someone like u,im layed off alot in jan. feb. a good time to look i think.sincerly bo patterson .morganton nc.

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